JIJEZ ENTERPRISES, LLC strives to go above and beyond their customers and clients level of satisfaction. All services offered are delivered with the utmost care, efficiency and exemplary customer service.


  Jeanie Seide started JIJEZ TRANSPORTATIONS in 2011. It was an idea she had to solve a problem she was having. She is a single mother and at the time she had 4 children between the ages of 7 years old to a 1 year old. She needed help getting them to and from school and to and from daycare, so that she can get to work on time and be able to stay at work through her scheduled shift.
  She understood that it is great to have family and friends that will help when they can, but they will not always be available when needed on a consistent basis. She reached out to local transportation businesses and this service she was seeking was either not provided or extremely too expensive. Thus, JIJEZ TRANSPORTATIONS, LLC was born!