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            JIJEZ ENTERPRISES, LLC strives to go above and beyond their customers and clients level of satisfaction. All services offered are delivered with the utmost care, efficiency and exemplary customer service.  


We know all to well about the costs and time consumed when starting a business. After our CEO, successfully ran her own transportation company which was started in 2011, the decision to assist other small businesses int the important aspects of starting, revamping, and organizing their business was made. 

At JIJEZ ENTERPRISES, we understand the needs of new business owners as well as established ones who notice room for improvement within their business. Our goal is to assist in minimizing in costs while maximizing in time by providing professional services that allow business owners to take care of themselves while we take care of their business needs. 

We provide assistance with administrative duties such as filing paperwork, registering or submitting documents, bookings, and data entry. 

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